BIOTONA Cacao Nibs

BIOTONA Cacao Nibs (300g)

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100% natural product

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BIOTONA Cacao Nibs

Biotona Bio Cacao Nibs Raw are derived from the beans of the Theobroma cacao, a small tree that grows in fertile ground in the South American rain forests. Cacao was originally used by the Aztecs and the Mayas in spiritual rituals. It was first introduced into Europe by the Spanish. Biotona Cacao Nibs from Peru are obtained by the rough grinding of fermented, dried and organically grown Criollo cacao beans. This results in delightfully crisp cacao nibs, 100% pure and raw, with no additives and still packed with all their naturally occurring phytonutrients. This is the way cacao should be eaten! An honest product, in all senses of the word!

par 100g
Valeur énergétique2310 kJ - 559 kcal
Matières graisses47 g
dont acides gras saturés30 g
Glucides11 g
dont sucres0,6 g
Fibres alimentaires22 g
Protéines14 g
Sel0,03 g


Cacao nibs* (Theobroma cacao) (100%). *organic culture

Advice for use

You can use Biotona Bio Cacao Nibs Raw as part of your breakfast with other superfoods in a muesli, or with your favourite pastries, or sprinkled over a fruit salad or some other pudding. You can also eat them pure, as an intensely flavoured and crunchy snack. Store in a cool and dry place, protect from light.

Cautionary note

Do not use as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet.

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