BIOTONA Maca Powder

BIOTONA Maca Powder (200g)

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supports physical performance
100% natural product

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BIOTONA Maca Powder

Biotona Bio Maca Raw is derived from the roots of Lepidium meyenii, a very resistant plant that grows at high altitude in the Andes Mountains of Peru, in poor rock soils and extreme weather conditions. Tradition says that maca is an aphrodisiac, which can promote both sexual performance and general fertility. Biotona Maca is extracted from the roots of biologically grown maca plants, which are harvested by hand after a growing period of 8 months. After the roots have been dried, they are cleaned, selected, dehydrated and ground into powder. Maca assists both physical performance and mental functions, thanks to its unique composition of different phytonutrients.

Energy value1340 kJ - 319 kcal
Fat0,9 g
of which saturates0,2 g
Carbohydrates 55 g
of which sugars32 g
Fibres20 g
Protein13 g
Salt0,01 g


Maca powder* (Lepidium meyenii) (100%) from Peru. *organic culture

Advice for use

Add Biotona Bio Maca Raw to smoothies or shakes in combination with fruit (juices) or other superfoods, (vegetable) milk, yoghurt or water. In this way you can add a healthy ingredient to all your dishes – quick and easy. It is important to eat a varied and balanced diet and to lead a healthy way of life. Limit the use of maca powder to about one tablespoon per day. Store in a cool and dry place, protect from light.

Cautionary note

Do not use as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet.

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