BIOTONA Hemp Protein Powder

BIOTONA Hemp Protein Powder (300g)

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High source of plant-based protein
Ideal as part of a protein-rich diet
100% natural product

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BIOTONA Hemp Protein Powder

Wild hemp plants have been cultivated for thousands of years. Pressed hemp seeds provide a rich oil for use in the kitchen. When dried and finely ground, the cake that is left over after the pressing provides a powder that is extremely rich in proteins (up to 50%). The 100% organic and raw Biotona Hemp Protein is made without the use of chemical products, being extracted from the hemp seeds by a purely mechanical process. It is an ideal alternative for sportsmen and women, as part of a protein-rich diet or for anyone else who is interested in finding a highly nutritional and vegetable source of proteins. Biotona Bio Hemp Protein Raw is extracted from hemp varieties that are specially grown for use as foodstuffs.

Energy value1420 kJ - 340 kcal
Fat8,0 g
of which saturates1,0 g
Carbohydrates 2,0 g
of which sugars1,9 g
Fibres21 g
Protein50 g
Salt0,08 g


Hemp protein powder* (Cannabis sativa) (100%), THC-free. *organic culture

Advice for use

Add Biotona Bio Hemp Protein to smoothies or shakes in combination with fruit (juices) or other superfoods, (vegetable) milk, yoghurt or water. In this way you can add a healthy ingredient to all your dishes - quick and easy. Give your dishes a pleasantly nutty taste, with an added boost of proteins and phytonutrients. Store in a cool and dry place, protect from light.

Cautionary note

Do not use as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet.

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