INLEAD Whey Protein

INLEAD Whey Protein (Chocolate Nougat, 1000g)

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Maximize your muscle with INLEAD Nutrition Whey protein 1000g - The taste of fitness without added sugar!

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INLEAD Whey Protein

Maximize your muscle with INLEAD Nutrition Whey protein 1000g - The taste of fitness without added sugar!

In the world of muscle building, effectiveness and taste are crucial. With INLEAD Nutrition Whey Protein, INLEAD has found the perfect balance - a powerful combination of Whey protein concentrate and isolate, enhanced by an exceptional taste experience that will take your fitness routine to the next level.

Enjoy now the perfect synergy between taste, effectiveness and health concerns with INLEAD Nutrition Whey protein. 

Is it gluten free?

May contain traces of gluten.

Is it lactose free?

Contains lactose (whey protein).

Is it vegetarian?

Yes, this product is vegetarian.

Is it vegan?

No, this product is not vegan.

Is there palm oil?

No, this product does not contain palm oil.

Native country: Germany

Serving Size: 30 g (1 level measure)

Content: 1000 g

NutrientsPer 100 gPer serving (30 g in 200 ml of water)
Energy1579 kJ / 374 kcal474 kJ / 112 kcal
Fats6,4 g1,9 g
- of which saturates3,6 g1,1 g
Carbohydrates6,4 g1,9 g
- with sugar4,5 g1,3 g
Dietary fiber3,3 g1,0 g
Proteins70,6 g21,2 g
Salt1,36 g0,41 g
Essential amino acids (EAA)Per 100g of protein powder
L-Isoleucine5,9 g
L-Leucine10,9 g
L-Lysine9,0 g
L-Methionine2,1 g
L-Phenylalanine3,3 g
L-Threonine6,4 g
L-Tryptophan1,8 g
L-Valine5,5 g
Semi-essential amino acids (SEAA)Per 100g of protein powder
L-Histidine1,9 g
L-Arginine2,9 g
L-Tyrosine3,0 g
L-Cysteine2,2 g
L-Alanine4,8 g
Aspartic acid10,7 g
Glutamic acid16,9 g
Wisteria1,9 g
L-Proline5,4 g
L-Serine5,1 g


Concentrated whey protein (emulsifier: lecithins (soy)), protein wheym isolated (emulsifier: lecithins (soy)), lean cocoa powder (9%), flavoring, salt, sweeteners: sucralose, steviol glycosides from stevia.

Allergen information

May contain traces of gluten, eggs and lupine.

Advice for use

Preparation: Shake 30 g of powder (1 level measure) with 200 ml of cold water or skimmed milk in a shaker for 20 seconds.

Recommended dosage: Consume 1 to 3 shakes of 30 g spread throughout the day.

Cautionary note

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of young children. Store the product closed and protected from light, heat and humidity.

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