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QNT Care Sugar Stop (90 caps)

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Maintenance of normal blood sugar levels. Helps to control weight. Stimulates carbohydrate metabolism

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QNT Care Sugar Stop


The Sugar Stop food supplement is the ideal partner for maintaining normal blood sugar levels. The active principles of its ingredients help to control the absorption of carbohydrates. By participating in the stabilization of the blood sugar level, Sugar Stop promotes the reduction of fat storage in the body. This food supplement induces beneficial cascade reactions for the maintenance of a healthy organism.

Not only will it maintain normal blood sugar levels, but it will also help prevent the accumulation of fat.

Sugar Stop contains natural active ingredients which act as real sugar captors. By reducing the absorption of carbohydrates, this food supplement prevents their storage in the body and presents itself as the optimal accomplice in the context of weight loss. The latter is also favored by the action and the content of components of Sugar Stop which encourage the reduction of snacking cravings.


Sugar Stop's formula is designed to act as a sugar blocker to maintain normal blood sugar levels. This good regulation of blood sugar is achieved in particular via insulin. The latter allows glucose to enter cells in order to produce energy. When the body is faced with too much sugar, it retains it, which causes a spike in insulin. The store of glucose present in excess in the blood is then transformed into triglyceride, a constituent of fats. Sugar Stop will help the optimal efficiency of insulin in the body in order to maintain normal blood sugar levels. In addition, when the level of glucose in the blood is well regulated, the craving for sweets decreases. Weight gain is often linked to sugary foods, Sugar Stop is the ally that helps you cope with unexpected sugar cravings.


Sugar Stop food supplement contains chromium, an ultra effective trace element. Chromium is a cofactor of insulin, its action also makes it possible to control the arrival of sugar in the blood and to stabilize its level at a normal level. Unfortunately the body can create resistance to insulin, which creates a chromium deficiency. The sugars consumed and not used by the body will therefore be transformed into lipids and stored in fats. Sugar Stop contains a high chromium content which prevents this action when a deficiency appears. This sugars-capturing food supplement prevents an increase in the level of glucose which has repercussions on the stock of fats.


Insulin resistance can encourage lipids to bind to the belly. This reaction can lead to overweight due to overstocking of lipids. Protein synthesis and therefore the maintenance of lean body mass can also be affected by weakened insulin. The Sugar Stop supplement helps maintain the action of insulin in order to avoid these inconveniences. It will help activate the process of breaking down sugar into energy thanks to its role as a stimulant in protein synthesis. It will then promote the consumption of energy for the basic functions of the metabolism. Therefore, by stimulating the burning of calories, this food supplement helps to increase lean mass and maintain a correct weight.


In addition to chromium, whose main asset is maintaining blood sugar levels, Sugar Stop is made up of three other ingredients which will support its action in the body. Our formula contains white bean extracts whose virtues help support the effects of Sugar Stop. There are several reasons for adding white beans. It is a legume rich in fiber which increases the metabolism of carbohydrates and therefore helps reduce excess fat. White bean extract can help neutralize carbohydrates by limiting alpha-amylase enzymes that turn starch into sugar. This property of white bean extract can help with weight loss and fight bad cholesterol.

Then, we combined cinnamon in the formula of this dietary supplement. Its combination with other ingredients improves the bioavailability of Sugar Stop. Cinnamon is also an excellent antioxidant which protects the cells of the body. These active ingredients improve the effectiveness of sugar blockers. Indeed, its properties will accelerate the metabolism of conversion of glucose into energy, which will reduce the level of sugar in the blood. In addition, its consumption naturally warms the body temperature. As a result, cinnamon activates the general metabolism of the body, which will result in the burning of calories.

Finally, you will find Konjac, an Asian plant with incredible virtues. Its root contains glucomannan, and it is this last element that gives it amazing properties. It is a low-calorie, fiber-rich ingredient which, when placed in the presence of a liquid, can absorb up to 100 times its volume. Its new state in the presence of another liquid allows it to trap sugars and fats and therefore regulate glucose levels. In addition to its role as a sugar collector, it cleanses the intestines by eliminating bad toxins.

Konjac also helps to fill the stomach and at the same time helps to satisfy the feeling of satiety. It is therefore thanks to the properties of its ingredients which act in symbiosis that Sugar Stop is the ideal food supplement to help you maintain your blood sugar level to normal.

InformationsPour 3 gélules par prise
White kidney bean dry extract399,99 mg
Cinnamon dry extract350,01 mg
Konjac root dry extract300 mg
Chromium90 μg

Advice for use

Sugar stop should be taken before a meal. 3 capsules per day with a large glass of water.

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