BODY ATTACK Clear Iso Whey

BODY ATTACK Clear Iso Whey (Sweet Apple, 900g)

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Offers a refreshing alternative to classic protein shakes.

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BODY ATTACK Clear Iso Whey

Discover a revolution in the world of proteins with BODY ATTACK CLEAR ISO WHEY 900 g. This revolutionary product offers a refreshing alternative to classic protein shakes. Available in 9 fruity flavors, find the one that suits you best. Each 30g serving offers approximately 25g of high-quality protein and 11,400mg of essential amino acids (EAAs), effectively preparing you for muscle building. Made from premium whey isolate, produced using the CFM process, this shake gives you the nutrients you need without added sugars, fats and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), to keep your performance at the highest level.

Nutritional composition (per 30 g)Amount per serving
Energy103 kcal
Fats<0,1 g
- Saturated fatty acids<0,1 g
Carbohydrates0,3 g
- Sugars0 g
Proteins24,9 g
Salt0,03 g
Essential amino acids (EAA)11,5 g
Amino acidsAmount per serving
L-Alanine5,3 g
L-Arginine2,1 g
L-Aspartic acid10,6 g
L-Cysteine1,7 g
L-Glutamic acid17,7 g
Wisteria1,4 g
L-Histidine1,5 g
L-Isoleucine6,5 g
L-Leucine10,7 g
L-Lysine9,6 g
L-Methionine2,2 g
L-Phenylalanine2,9 g
L-Prolin6,2 g
L-Serine4,6 g
L-Threonine7,1 g
L-Tryptophan1,7 g
L-Tyrosine2,7 g
L-Valine5,7 g


Whey protein isolate (97.2%), acidifier (citric acid), natural flavor, antifoaming agent (anticaking agent (silicon oxide), emulsifier (sorbitan monostearate, lecithin)), sweetener (sucralose), coloring (sulfite caramel ammonium).

Allergen information

Contains whey. May contain traces of soy and eggs.

Advice for use

Mix 30 g of powder (3 scoops) with 500 ml of water in a shaker and let sit for 30 to 60 seconds. Consume the shake approximately 30 minutes before or after each intensive workout. On non-training days, consume the shake in the morning or evening.

Cautionary note

Store in a cool, dry place, preferably before the expiry date indicated on the package. Use the product immediately after opening. Avoid direct exposure to heat and sunlight.

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