QNT Care Hair-Skin-Nail

QNT Care Hair-Skin-Nail (90 caps)

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Stimulates hair growth. Helps to improve skin condition. Strengthen nails.

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QNT Care Hair-Skin-Nail

Is your hair damaged? Is your skin under attack daily? Are your nails too fragile? We have developed a formula combining ingredients that will contribute to the good health of your hair, skin and nails in the best possible way. Hair-Skin-Nails is the complement that will help you to regain shiny hair, top quality nails and healthy, radiant skin.


Hair-Skin-Nails is a dynamic formula composed of 10 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and oils. These ingredients have been combined to provide the body with the nutrients needed for better hair, skin and nail care.

This blend has been carefully combined to complete any shortage of essential nutrients that may be present in the daily diet. All the vitamins and minerals included in our Hair-Skin-Nails supplement provide all of the required daily nutritional values. This powerful composition makes it possible to get the best of each element in order to promote hair, skin and nail strength.


Our dietary supplement allows you to fight the nutritional deficiencies which are the cause of weak hair, nails and skin. The 15 ingredients found in Hair-Skin-Nails have been expertly combined to counteract the deficiencies that can cause brittle hair, fragile nails and dry skin. The combination of these ingredients which will act in synergy allows the maximum bioavailability of this supplement. Moreover, the effects of this make it possible to nourish from the inside to preserve the beauty of your hair, skin and nails.

The major ingredient of our Hair-Skin-Nails is fish oil. It comes from wild fish selected for their quality to offer a purified oil without the slightest trace of residues of pollutants or heavy metals. This incomparable oil contains high levels of omega 3. These fatty acids, which the body does not synthesize on its own, help improve the balance in your hair.

Borage oil is the second oil in the composition of this dietary supplement. Borage is a plant known for its benefits on hair, skin and nails. Rich in omega 6 and gamma linolenic, an uncommon fatty acid, known to help maintain beautiful skin and to contribute to the maintenance of skin elasticity. Through its nutritive action, borage oil contributes to the beauty of the skin. In doing so, it helps to limit skin aging and helps to prolong the skin's elasticity. Its regenerating and restorative action revitalizes brittle nails and strengthens damaged hair.

L-Cystine also finds its place in the dietary supplement Hair-Skin-Nails. This amino acid helps in the care of hair, skin and nails. L-Cystine participates in the synthesis of keratin, an essential element for healthy hair and nails. It also helps to regenerate scalp cells and to tone hair fibers. In addition, this amino acid participates in the process of melanin formation, which protects the skin against the harmful effects of external aggressions and aging.


Hair-Skin-Nails also contains a set of 10 vitamins which will act together. The action of these vitamins is essential for the care of hair, skin and nails. Vitamin C, which is found in large quantities in our supplement, is of great importance. It contributes to the formation of collagen, this essential protein which participates in the development and regeneration of the skin. The other benefit of this vitamin is its role as an antioxidant which helps preserve the skin condition by fighting against external aggressions. Our supplement also contains a complex of B8 vitamins which will act in symbiosis. Their different actions strengthen, regenerate and hydrate the skin to help maintain firm and glowing skin. They will also help stimulate collagen production and cell reproduction. In addition, their actions will stimulate the production of keratin which results in an improvement in hair growth and strengthening of the nails. Finally, vitamin E plays an antioxidant role beside stimulating collagen production. This vitamin promotes blood circulation, an action that will support faster hair growth and better maintenance of skin elasticity.

You also find zinc and iron, two trace elements essential for the care of your hair, your skin and your nails. Zinc has a general action in the body. In addition to working on the immune system and helping to maintain healthy hair, skin and nails, zinc protects cells against oxidative stress. It also plays a role in the production of elastin, the key element that gives the skin its elasticity and firmness. Zinc is also involved in the production of keratin which brings strength and shine to your hair. Iron, another key ingredient in this food supplement, ensures the oxygenation of the cells. This action will promote the proper functioning of the cells by preventing hair loss or by making nails stronger.

We've combined these ingredients together because they work in complementary ways to help strengthen your hair, improve your skin, and strengthen your nails. Our dietary supplement is suitable for both women and men and helps to counter the deficiencies that weaken the health of your hair, your skin and your nails. Hair-Skin-Nails will help you regain shinier hair, nails as strong as steel as well as firm and radiant skin.

3 softgels
Fish oil690 mg
Borage oil180 mg
L-cystine150 mg
Vit. E(*150%) 18,09 mg
Vit. C(*300%) 240 mg
Vit. B1 (thiamine)(*300%) 3,3 mg
Vit. B2 (riboflavin)(*300%) 4,2 mg
Vit. B3 (niacin)(*300%) 48 mg
Vit. B6 (pyridoxin)(*300%) 4,2 mg
Vit. B9 (folic acid)(*249%) 498 μg
Vit.B12(*300%) 7,5 μg
Biotin(*300%) 150 μg
Vit. B5(*300%) 18 mg
Iron(*144%) 20,1 mg
Zinc(*150%) 15 mg
*Nutrient reference values


Fish oil, capsule: gelatin, ascorbic acid, borage oil (Borago officinalis), humidifier: E422, L-cystine, iron sulphate, emulsifier: E322, niacin, stabilizer: E901ii, zinc sulphate, alpha-tocopherol, panthotenic acid, anti-caking agent: E551, magnesium oxide, coloring agent: E172(ii), pyridoxine, riboflavin, thiamine, folic acid, biotine, cyanocobalamin. 

Allergen information

Contains fish and soybean.

Advice for use

3 softgels per day with water. Do not exceed. Intake should be limited to a few weeks/months.

Cautionary note

This food supplement should not be used to replace a balanced and varied diet and a healthy way of life. Keep away from young children.

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